CB RADIO - Something to Think About

Are you a Prepper - one of those folks that have been, or are preparing for large scale social upheaval of one type or another?

Before you stock up on the items on your list, like canned food, water, supplies etc, ask yourself this question. How, and too whom, will you want to communicate. By what ever means it will be electronic, whether e-mail, iphone, or text. They all afford easy monitoring of key words, that the powers that be might listen for. I use such a service, that if my name is mentioned, I get an email and a link to where it appears.

The solution is get your self a CB Radio. - I’m not joking. It is especially useful for folks in your general area - say a 10 mile radius. They are cheap enough. and when used in your car, your signal keeps moving around avoiding tracking. Do you get my point? If not, this e-mail is not for you.

Power disruption and total internet collapse is a real possibility too, however just about all CB’s work on 12v for automotive use.  Just plug it into your cigarette lighter socket. You’ll need a magnetic roof top antenna too.

If you plan to use your CB Radio at home, remember your signal can easily be triangulated and you’ll need a power pac to convert your house current to 12vDC, if you still have electricity. 

PS. Ham radio is good too but technical skills are required. And one last alternative is a VHF Marine radio. Although intended for marine use, they function like a CB radio, run on 12V and of course are mobile, boat or car.