Ham Radio

by W.W.

To those who are unfamiliar with the term, it means Amateur Radio. 

Since the early 20th century, the FCC has set aside swaths of frequency for “Hams” to chat with others of similar interests - world wide. A technical license is required and sometimes proficiency in morse code.

When using voice, the method of modulation of the radio waves was primarily AM, FM or SideBand. In recent times you can add to those digital and digital fusion. The latter is when the radio waves are received at a local repeater and routed to a chosen country via the “internet” and then back to radio waves - say NY to Tahiti. It is less weather dependent and with hardly any interference and that’s the big plus to this method. But from my perspective, you have once again surrendered your soul to the internet. And “they”, can know who you and where you are.

Using my radio transceiver shown here, both receiver and transmitter are in one. It covers all the frequencies allowed. The transmit power is 100 watts and with the proper antenna can transmit in the traditional way - person to person globally. And if need be without call letters amongst the folks I choose to communicate with in anonymity. I’m sure you get the point. The radio works with digital fusion too if I dare and that’s assuming the internet is up. Oh, it can work off a car battery too.