Blacks Wouldn't Support the KKK, so Why do Jews Support Hamas?

Dennis Prager and Julie Hartman explore all aspects of life, in particular the crisis of American education. Julie was a student senior at Harvard who sensed that most of her life she was exposed to one perspective. She found Dennis Prager's book "Still the Best Hope," and she realized she actually held many conservative beliefs. She reached out to Dennis and that was the beginning of a new partnership that culminates in their weekly podcast.

It is the coming together of two conservatives from opposite sides of the spectrum. Dennis is a Religious and worldly Jew and in his 70's. Jullie is a Christian. She is attractive and a recent Harvard graduate. Once weekly they team up on Dennis's regular weekly podcast.

The clip here is only a 14 minute segment of their 1 hour and 20 minute podcast just days after the start of the Israel Hamas war. The subject: Their distain for Hamas supporting university students and Jews.

Amazing Pro Hamas Capital Protest by mostly Jewish groups