WASHINGTON DC -   January 6, 2021

by William L. Gensert

It's our own fault.  We allowed Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to control the narrative while Google controlled the answers to any questions. 

They now believe they can define what happened on January 6, 2021 with impunity and we will accept their lies as truth.


We the people, however, are all too aware of what they are trying to accomplish, having been witness to the Hunter Biden story dissolving into the ether from inaccessibility and the silencing of any dissent as they stole a presidency. 

For the entire year, the left has tried to provoke the right into violence.  On Wednesday, they got what they wished for.  Or conversely, they infiltrated a peaceful demonstration with Antifa and carried out a successful false flag operation.

They Tell Us

This was all Trump's fault.  We know this because for the past four years, we have been told everything is Trump's fault.  And I would wager, they will tell us for the next four years, everything is Trump's fault.  As a matter of fact, when someone writes the acknowledged history of the United States of America's Second Civil War, it will be Trump's fault as well.

Funny Thing

Having watched some part of almost all the Trump rallies and having never seen anyone wearing helmets, backpacks, headscarves, or any degree of blackout with a tool dangling from their belts, it was surprising to see so many of the so-called rioters so clad at this "rebellion."

In the now-famous picture of seven guys scaling the wall to the Capitol Building, one can see people already at the precipice.  Those are the ones who walked up the stairs (just outside the frame) when the entirely inadequate security melted away. 

Wow, it is almost as if it is a staged photo reminiscent of the dozen versions of the Russians raising the flag over the Reichstag in 1945 or Pelosi's garage.

Me?  I would have taken the stairs, but then I would not have been wearing a headscarf and a backpack with a tool dangling from my belt as three of the four nearest the top were begging for the director to yell, "Cut!"

Why wasn't there adequate security, and why weren't those who were present armed?  I guess, no one would want an Antifa, Harvard-educated political science major to get hurt when they did what they always do: break the window of the store for the ignorant pawns to loot.

One can be forgiven for thinking security was purposely left deficient and unarmed to provoke what might happen should a sampling of Antifa intermixed within the mostly peaceful crowd be successful at impelling the desired riot.

False flag?  Hitler put less effort into setting up Poland with Operation Himmler at the inception of WWII, the "big one" (as Archie Bunker used to say).

No security and no weapons — what a surprise.  It's almost as if they wanted this.  Yet they still managed to kill a woman by shooting through a door.  Deadly force is allowed only when you fear for your life or the lives of others.  From multiple videos, one can see that what Ashli Babbitt was doing had not yet met that threshold. 

But then again, as a Trump-supporter, she was not a member of a protected class, so her death, while meaningless, was warranted. 

You see, when you are meaningless, either you do as you are told or you deserve to die.

I also noticed how polite most of the people were who did get into the building, staying within the velvet ropes, looking at the majestic statues that line the marbled hallways of state.  They were in such awe that, unlike a gender studies major in a mask from this summer's riots, they elected not to overturn a single statue in the building they invaded with such respect — the ruthless bastards.

I also liked the video that starts with a standing-still security guy pointing at a bunch of people in an elevator directly opposite a set of marble stairs (action!).  He then turns and jogs up the stairs.  At the top, he turns to his left to go up another flight of stairs but pauses first, as if waiting for the crowd to catch up with him.  With each flight, he repeats the same actions, turning, and waiting. 

It's like a bad Oliver Stone movie.  Wait...what?  At least his movies were entertaining — perhaps something from Michael Moore?  Or do they think we are so stupid that they need not even cut the video for continuity?

This Is What They Wanted

Even had this been conservative middle-aged white men letting loose the dogs of war and crying "havoc," who cares?  What did they think was going to happen when they created one crisis after another to deprive a successful president not only of his presidency, but also of his re-election, as they not only laughed at the stupid deplorables clinging to their guns and religion, but also deprived them of their livelihoods and loved ones? 

They Wanted This; They Got It. 

Watch how the rebellion they fomented grows organically. 

Grace Curley, among others, pointed out the other day, you cannot get the toothpaste back in the tube.  The left should think about what it has done and what is coming.

These people have stolen an election without caring who knows it.  They have rioted, assaulted innocents, and burned down our cities for most of a year.  They have defunded police, resulting in a nationwide increase in murders — forget about the increase in other crimes.  And they told us we were wrong to mention how all their predations make us suffer.

Whether the left successfully prosecuted a false flag operation or this was an organic conservative rebellion, the result is the same.  The left thinks it can push Americans around forever.  Leftists think they can tell us what to do and we will obey.  They have another think coming.  

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

WASHINGTON DC -   January 19-20, 2021

by Katie Hopkins

As I grabbed some coffee before heading to the Capitol Building to watch the 46th President of the United States of America take his title, the lovely lady behind the counter told me she had never seen anything like this in D.C. in her life.

And all I can say as I stand here now in the freezing cold with a handful of others is that I hope America never has to see anything like this again. Nothing is as it seems. It is just horrible, in every sense.

There is no one here. And I am not saying that in the weird competitive way people talk about crowd sizes as a measure of popularity. Remember the endless quarrel over the size of Trump's inauguration crowd versus Obama's?

What I mean is that there is literally no one here. Even pressed up to the gates within sight of the Capitol Building there is barely a handful of Biden supporters -- alongside a small gaggle of media, scratching about, trying to find something to film.

Residents with the means to do so have moved out. Others stay locked in their homes. And visitors heeded the fear-mongering and stayed away. I was called ‘a moron with a death wish’ for traveling here to document this event. And even though it is perfectly safe, no one is here to bear witness to this event.

This should be an historical moment for the country. Instead it feels like an illusion, fabricated for the TV, right down to the made-for-TV flags and columns of light on the mall.

Not only is the city completely abandoned by ordinary Americans, but it feels like a military garrison, courtesy of 25,000 National Guard troops, police, and Secret Service posted at every intersection. Many of them are sleeping at my hotel and I couldn’t wish for better roommates.

But their frustration is obvious. These good men and women have left their homes, families and jobs to be here, but to what end? We can all see there is no threat to be faced. Fake news is relying on repeating their footage of the riot at Capitol Hill to perpetuate the myth that this is a city under siege to domestic terror.

D.C. now feels like one giant stage built entirely for a drama of the Democrats' own creation. I’d argue the troops are being used as bit-part actors, for crowd scenes and effect. If you wanted to create the illusion that the Trump administration turned America into a war zone, what better way than to make D.C. a green zone, build ramparts and blockades, and fill it with troops, trucks, and men with weapons?

Republicans, particularly white Republicans, are now tarnished with the label ‘domestic terrorists’ and are all policed as such. I can feel the eyes of the plainclothes officers on me as I move about in D.C. One photographs my face, then slips away.

And yet on Black Lives Matter Plaza, just a block or two from the White House, BLM protesters seem to enjoy special privileges. The entry point to this place remains relatively open and welcoming, their music system gives the place a party feel, and there are no National Guards visible here.

How did we end up at a place where Republicans and Democrats are policed differently, even inside a militarized zone?

I feel some pity for the media crews wandering around the lonely streets desperate for something to feed back to their bosses' funding of their trip. They know they have to film something, but when there is nothing, what are they supposed to do? Predictably, they resort to yet another closeup of the National Guard. It is soul-destroying stuff.

It feels numb here, like watching surgery on your own hand when you are anesthetized against the pain, but can still see the knife cutting flesh and watch your own blood flow. That’s exactly what it is like in D.C. Without people, there is no emotion. And without emotion, no one can feel anything. And just like surgery, it feels unreal.

It is emotion that makes these events matter. And there is none to be had here. This is a sterilized inauguration in a city sanitized by a garrison of troops. All you can feel is numb.

Biden stepped up to the podium, on an empty stand, addressing a mall void of life and spoke of his hopes for unity:

This is our moment of crises and challenge. And unity is the only path forward… Let’s start afresh. Let's start to listen to one another, see one another, hear one another.

I look around at all the face masks and muted mouths. And feel my eyes roll in their sockets.

We must reject a culture in which facts are manipulated and manufactured.

I remember those suitcases of ballots being hauled out from under tables in Pennsylvania, and the statistically improbably vote dumps in the swing states, and wonder how this old man is not choking on his words.

America has to be better than this. Just look around. Here we stand in the shadow of the capitol dome. We endured. We prevailed.

I look around just as he asks us to do, and I see how barren it all is. This man is all but alone with his lies. Nothing has prevailed here, not joy, not emotion, and certainly not the will of the American people.

As I walk back to my hotel, feeling about ready to sit with the homeless man and share his cheap whisky, I meet a woman who has traveled from Texas to be here because of her love for Biden -- and because she was here four years ago for the pussy marches in which she had such a fantastic time.

She can't believe she is all alone and that the city is so deserted. Not only that, but she can't get close enough to see or hear anything. So much for Biden’s plea to ‘see each other, listen to each other, hear each other’. This poor woman has not seen another soul.

She tells me she just feels really, really disappointed.

I hug her and tell her I feel it too. Biden asked for unity. Perhaps this is it. His supporters and I are united in our disappointment.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Events in hind sight.

by Will Wainwright

Pelosi and Schumer both demanded that Trump resign even though he had less that two weeks left in office. If he was to refuse they would remove him using the 25th amendment or go at impeachment a second time.

At time of this writing, I’d suggest that would be like rubbing salt into a wound. Then the Democrats would surely get there wish.

Seventy-five million are watching to see which representatives are caving to the left, permitting big tech to censor opposing voices (or any voices); ignoring domestic terrorism that serves leftist ideology; reopening our borders to Mexico,  China, and  terrorists; messing with SCOTUS; adding DC & PR as states; and not stopping the de-gendering of children, and allowing transgendered boys to play on girls teams. The power of a coorporate board to demand a vaccine, the destructive PC culture in general, and the anti-American curriculum that have permeated education for the last 50 yrs...

I don’t want to hear the GOP usual excuse  “what’s the use, we don’t have the votes.”

What to do.

Seventy-five MILLION Americans should be taking names, making a list of those gutless GOP slugs who hide under their desks. Especially those in your region or state. As a starter, you might want to add a neighbor or anyone who has moved to ones neighborhood from NYC or Chicago and continued to vote Democrat. Voter rolls are on line.

So when push comes to shove, you know what I mean, and it probably will, we'll know exactly who the bad guys are. One such list is here.