I be Willoughby,  just call me Will Wainwright.

“NervyHitch”,  later replaced by “WeirdPlants”,  was the radio call sign of the Headquarters Company to which I was attached back in the day. The patch is that of the "Dickey-Bird" our company insignia.

My intention here, for the most part, is to post lasting opinion both prophetic and historical - OpEd's, essays, and articles that will help us foresee our future. Timely headline events will be posted if pertinent such as COVID, Biden's ineptitude and socialist / communist in our government.

This most likely will be my last website, which is coded in simple html. Soon I plan to head out aboard my Island Packet 380 and see the home where the Hermit of Suwarrow (Tom Neale) once lived.

Born 19118 

Lived 11980 

Worked 11973 ⚛

Live Presently 81427

Vacation 34275


Food: Bouillabaisse, Osso Buco

Cities: Paris, Firenze, Funchal, Pape'ete, Reykjavík, Gustavia

For fun: H2O all sorts

Music: all sorts

Favorite Peculiarity: Schrödinger's cat and double slit experiment.

Who can say this? A week after being in Tahiti I was in Iceland.

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First posting - Saint Patricks Day 2019
Additional Updates - when something needs posting,
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Tout à l'heure

PS Bottom: Stuff I played with in Later life

About NervyHitch.com.

My website contains whatever interest hits me from time to time - politics, science & tech, music and God as related to Quantum Physics. Much is mirrored on my facebook page which in return directs folks here.

I try to see to it that most of what you see of a political nature is timeless no less important today than the original date written and or posted. But there is a lot here other than politics so stop by now and then and explore the links. Most images are linked too although not indicated.

Quantum Mechanics is a favorite of mine and is here too, so are some cool tunes. Any videos of a controversial nature are stored on our server should the disappear from the original sources which does happen. The doodads below, I used to play with back in the day as WB2FZS and W2EXS.      See HAM RADIO 2021.