Before getting to the Videos below you might enjoy this "Saturday Night Rant" by James Kunstler who runs the site Clusterfuck Nation. He too was, a liberal. But he isn’t crazy, and today the issue isn’t conservative vs. liberal, it is sane vs. insane. Kunstler is on the side of sanity, and his writing is entertaining and insightful. The Story is Here

At Last Common Sence Takes Root
Thank You Brandon Straka for your
#WalkAway Video

Brandon's viral video, a declaration to Walk Away from the Democrat Party, has spawned a great movement, inspiring
thousands of folks of all flavors making similar declarations on why they are leaving the Democrat Party.
In turn those folks (Black, White, Hispanic, Male, Female, Gay, Straight etc etc) videos have gone viral too! See for yourself

Brandon Straka on Judge Jeanine's show

A Blue Collar Contribution

A Black Ex-Policeman

A black Democrat committee woman.