The top four videos say it all

The victims of the riots they dont show on CNN

I so feel for this poor man.
You can hear someone saying "you dont even understand daddy".

Of course we know that they dont care as they are paid-for anarchists, furthure trying to polarize our country and do anything possible to interfere with the upcoming election. It is no coincidence they are predominately to be found in city & states with deranged and deviant Democrat mayors.

Here is hoping we soon get to the deep state organizers of this, and that the National Guard troops don’t  hesitate to shoot on sight any person committing violence. Their behavior is not freedom of expression. In the meantime this writer is locked and loaded should trouble come.

Antifa Infiltrates Black Protesters Stirring Up Matters

White Antifa extremists and other outside agitators infiltrate peaceful black protesters defacing property and starting fires. All the while pretenting to be Black Lives Matter folks. Many now assert that some radical deep state agenda is at play in transforming once peaceful protests.


The Jews, are one of the most discriminated races. Have they ever asked for special legislation or handouts? Have they ever protested, looted and rioted? No they have not.

White Lives Matter - Cops shooting whites,

Refusing to submit to authority at traffic stop goes bad.

Black Police Officer Saysa ENOUGH of the Anti White Narrative

Candice Owens says it like it is.

Max from Oakland asks, Why not all the fuss when Blacks shoot blacks

Black Fathers more Importantly Matter More

Candice Owens - Followup on reaction (100 Million+ FB alone) to above video

My Majority Opinion.