The Old Cliché……..

“When the cats away, the mice will play”. The Bahamas hasn’t had a US ambassador in 8 years. Our embassy has essentially been run by Chargé d’Affaires, Lisa A. Johnson. In case you are wondering, Trump did appoint Doug Manchester as ambassadorin the spring of 2017 but he has been stalled by the democrats and is still awaiting approval two years later. So where are we headed with this.....

These are the Northern Bahama Islands. Notice how close they are to Florida. What you may not know, the Chinese have three facilities on these islands alone. In Freeport they Built a $50,000,000 port facility. The deal, The Bahamas and their leftest Prime minster would turn there back on Taiwan. A Small Port facility at Coopers Town was completed in 2018 but sits suspiciously unused except for their office. And In Nassau the biggest resort in all of the Bahamas / Caribbean is Chinese owned after 1,000-acre resort cost Billions and Bankruptcy and the prime minister his job. The latter maybe a good thing.

Sandy Estabrook, a colleague who has contributed to this website, also operates a popular Abaco Bahamas website. As part, he has devoted a whole page(s) on bringing attention to the Chinese aggression including communist infiltration of the Bahamian Government. His and other writers stories & videos are part of his web page.

Post Hurricane Dorian Update is Here - The best on the subject.

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