The artists work featuring a machine gun is bit of an exaggeration in trying to temper the sinister look of this long gun by including, wine, cheese, fruit and a bouquet of flowers.

Then there is the semi automatic AR15, (5.56) the civilian version of the military automatic M16, which has been much in the news lately having been used in mass killings. Understand, the carnage is not the cause of the weapon, rather the shooter. That would be like blaming the truck instead of the driver, when running in to a crowd of protesters.

My weapon of choice is the traditional looking Ruger Mini 14 (shown here with the AR15.) It is the same 5.56 caliber as the AR15 and it is semi automatic. Its functions are identical, it just doesn't look as mean and not as practical for harsh environment. The Mini 14 is a good hunting rifle ad well as all purpose defensive weapon against someone who wants to take it away. But hey, that's my choice just like I'd prefer a Grand Banks over a Sea Ray.

I too enjoy cheese, fruit and wine especially a Bordeaux with a nibble of pâté accompanied with fresh roast venison. I love God, country and wife, even my dogs and firearms and will use the latter against anyone trying to confiscate, commandeer, requisition, sequester, buy-back or just trying to take any of the aforementioned.

A video attached here explains why government would be going down the wrong path to even contemplate firearm confiscation. - Let me know if you disagree.    -WW


Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin,

responding to Alleged Hypocrisy of Gun Control before a Town Hall Meeting
of The American Enterprise Institute which is a public policy think tank
"dedicated to defending human dignity, expanding human potential, and building
a freer and safer world".