Below,  are the thoughts of Steve McVey introducing us to his Quantum Life Ministry. Strangely enough they mirror mine. 

I was so happy to find his Christian perspective to Quantum Mechanics, as I had zero encouragement for my similar thoughts with members of my church. Now maybe with Steve’s ministry in this regard that might give more credence to the subject resulting to at least being discussed at my church.

Frankly, Steve has too many videos to post just one here. So I will link a few that help launch his spring 2019 Season. They pretty much say it all. 

- Will Wainwright.


I'm Steve McVey, just a regular guy who, like many people, reached the place where I decided I'd had enough of religion. It wasn't that I didn't want to know God. I did. I was just tired of the religious machine I found myself trying to keep going every week. The irony of it was that I was a local church pastor. I'd been one for 17 years when, in 1990, I found myself on the floor of my office in complete desperation about how miserable I was. On that night, I began to discover some things that totally changed my life. I mean some serious stuff. I've written about it in my books and been teaching about it since then. That's what this channel is about. I follow Christ, but am not religious. I don't buy in to the "dog and pony" show that some call church life. I'm serious about Jesus Christ and my faith is very real but I have no intentions of condemning anybody else if they aren't where I am. In other words, I'm just me -- a regular guy who wants to spend my life helping people. My hope is that we all see that God may not be who we've thought He is. We all have a past. My was that of a religious addict. But I'm recovering every day and, hopefully, become much more authentic than the world of religion allows. I've learned that quantum physics is a wonderful platform that teaches much about God without all the religious language and baggage of that culture. So I talk much from that perspective these days. I hope you'll find it encouraging.

Talks about 7 min: Talk 1 | Talk 2 | Talk 3 | Talk 4 | Discussion (18 Min)