Climate Change

Yes but in the opposite direction, aka, Global Cooling.

Presented here are Three Great Common Sence Videos Explaining the Fabricated Science and Deceitful Politics Behind Global Warming AKA Climate Change.

Peter Temple is a Canadian graduate of Ryerson University in Toronto. He calls himself a futurist, analyst and communicator. He doesn’t have to be an astro-physicist himself, to present scientifically established facts. He is a member of Mensa International. (This Video is one of the best -published Spring 2016.)

Climate alarmists are post-modern scientists who want to throw out centuries of research and millions of years of proxy data available through geology, ice cores, tree rings, sediments and so on, and instead create computer projections based on their theory that CO2 is the primary climate data.

They have continued their climate scare despite knowing the facts presented in this video, despite knowing that CO2 has a logarithmic diminishing impact on warming, and despite knowing their models have an inability to hind-cast climate, and have already been proved to be wrong predicting climate.

I don’t have any climate science credentials. I am an economist specializing in econometrics which means I have an ability to read and interpret data, and projections better than your average climate scientist.

There is an extremely poor correlation between atmospheric CO2 and global temperature in the past. It seems the modern crop of climate scientists are determined to ignore the cycles that astro-physicists have known about since the early 1900’s.

They refuse to give solar activity any prominence in their climate models because they have an inability to recognize anything beyond simplistic short term correlations they want to see.

Climate alarmists have sacrificed normal scientific investigation and skepticism on the alter of the ideology which binds all the climate activists together. That ideology is pro globalization and increased government control over production and income. There is a central belief that humans are a cancer on Earth which must be controlled and the best way to do that is through centralized control.

The climate scare gives the excuse for a wide group of activists to come together with the aim of controlling the global economy by dictating global resource use, global taxation and global income redistribution.

The United Nations is the designated body which is largely funded by the West, but voting is controlled by the more numerous non-western developing nations. Provided those in power keep the developing nations happy by doling out money from the West including that raised from carbon credits, and promoting other globalist agendas such as the UN Migration Pact, they will be able to achieve their agenda.

Even though they know that it will soon start being clear to the public that the previous fears over global temperatures will not accentuate despite rising CO2, they have maintained control of the narrative by changing the issue from ‘Global Warming’, to ‘Climate Change’. This allows them to blame any severe weather event on atmospheric CO2 even as global temperatures might fall.

One way the establishment have tried to hide the fact that temperatures aren’t following previous predictions is by ‘adjusting’ the official temperature data series. But they can’t do that forever, which is why they have started placing more emphasis unnaturally occurring severe weather events.

Australian political parties such as the Australian Conservatives and One Nation include in their policy agendas, independent commissions to investigate climate change and the temperature records. It can’t happen soon enough.

Tony Heller AKA Steven Goddard is the most controversial of the Climate scientists because he holds his degrees in numerous peripheral subjects. Video published Fall 2019.

Joe Scott Runs a very popular YouTube Channel on Science. It is the home of "Answers With Joe", where he takes questions and comments and deconstructs them to find the interestingness - the funny, unique, but universal truths that give you a new perspective on the world. Video published Fall 2019.

16-year-old environmental activist Greta Thunberg speaking at the United Nations Climate Summit,
while enroute to a Hollywood audition.

If You Can’t Sell Your Hysteria to Adults, Try Kids

By Dennis Prager
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Tue, Sep 24, 2019 

The entire American left — the mainstream media, the environmentalist movement and Democratic politicians in particular — are celebrating the involvement of teenagers and even younger children in protesting the world’s “inaction” with regard to global warming.

And not just the American left, of course. The left throughout the world is celebrating. A 16-year-old Swedish girl whose contempt for adults is breathtaking is an international hero. Congressional Democrats invited her to testify in Congress, and the United Nations has likewise invited her.

The mayor and city council of New York City further politicized their city’s public schools by allowing students to skip school to actively participate in a global warming protest.

The message of young climate change activists is: “You adults aren’t doing your job. As a result, we have no future.” As a sympathetic reporter — are there any non-sympathetic reporters? — for the Los Angeles Times put it, “(T)eens are still waiting for a sign that their elders get it.”

The Times’ coverage is typical. It reported: “Underneath the activism lies a simple truth: Young people are incredibly scared about climate change. They see it as a profound injustice and an existential threat to their generation and those that will follow. …

“‘They do worry, and they worry kind of a lot,’ said Maria Ojala, an environmental psychologist at Orebro University in Sweden. …

“Arielle Martinez Cohen” — an 18-year-old Los Angeles activist with the youth climate group Zero Hour — “remembers reading a report from an Australian think tank that warned the human species could face extinction by 2050 if society doesn’t get its act together.

“‘I almost imagine, like, an apocalypse-type thing happening,’ Arielle said.

“Many young people say they can’t fathom bringing kids of their own into the world. …

“‘It’s not ethical. It’s literally a burning house,’ Lana said.

“‘That’s something that’s not realistic,’ agreed her twin sister, Yena.

“And how can they even think about college or contemplate their careers when faced with so much uncertainty?

“‘It’s something I feel every single day,’ Yena said. ‘I work really hard at school and I do all these things, and I’m like, “What am I working for? Do I have a future?””

It is critical to remember that hysterias — such as Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, “endemic and systemic racism in America,” the heterosexual AIDS “crisis” in America and the “rape culture” on American college campuses — are to the left what oxygen is to biological life. No oxygen, no life; no hysteria, no left.

Apparently, however, the left-wing hysteria about global warming leading to the virtual extinction of life on Earth has not moved enough adults. Many adults who do not deny that the Earth is getting warmer — such as Danish writer and environmentalist thinker Bjorn Lomborg — do deny that the threat is “existential” and do believe that the left’s solutions, such as the Green New Deal, will damage the world far more than will carbon emissions. Proof that the left is hysterical is its unwillingness to promote nuclear power — a completely clean, non-fossil fuel-based source of power. It provides France with 70 percent of its energy. Anyone who really believes life on Earth is endangered would grasp at the nuclear power lifeboat. That they do not proves what many of us have believed from the beginning: The “existential threat” scenario is another left-wing falsehood used to whip up hysteria that will lead to the left’s control of the economy and society.

And that takes us back to the children: If you can’t sell your hysteria to adults, try kids. And that is what the left has done. After all, no one is as malleable or as easily indoctrinated as children.


Consider this: If the left didn’t tell them the world is going to end, they wouldn’t worry about it. They’d be enjoying their young lives, maybe even learning to appreciate that they live in the freest country at the most prosperous time in human history. Instead, thanks to leftists (who are children in adult bodies), they live in their grip of “existential eco-anxiety.”

This is but one more way in which the left abuses children (along with telling them they are neither boys nor girls but whatever they later choose to be; teaching them contempt for their country; and depriving them of the greatest source of morality, meaning, community and happiness — any of the Judeo-Christian religions).

It’s depressing, and it’s frightening.

The scariest movies are those featuring brainwashed children. This horror show is happening in real life.

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