by Will Wainwright

Questions About the Coronavirus Remain

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All the below took place prior the First COVID-19 case
which dates Nov 17, 2019 
in Hubei Province China.

By now most have seen the Bill Gates prediction on TED TALKS of a Pandemic back in 2015.

What you may not know is Bill's participation in a Pandemic exercise in October 2019 in Conjunction with Johns Hopkins, And Explained as “Event 201

Then there was the  Crimson Contagion, a simulation administered by the Department of Health and Human Services from January to August 2019 that tested the capacity of the U.S. federal government and twelve U.S. states to respond to a severe influenza pandemic originating in China. NYTimes PDF

NBC CH5 Chicago Posting on the subject.

Are you sure that Fauci & Gates didn’t see this coming? Of course they did.
Is it truly a coincidence that shortly after all the aforementioned,
The Coronavirus reared its ugly face? Hell No!

For the full story that answers all the questions on this page plus a whole lot more,
watch this high quality made for TV Documentary "PLANDEMIC INDOCTORNATION"
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