Will Willoughby here, I must inject. Ever since the Coronavirus arrived from China, people started focusing on it’s Communist run Government where as President Trump started focusing even prior to taking office. His focus was twofold; 1. their unfair trade practices and 2. their military buildup.

The Coronavirus was also the final straw in my creation of this "All China" page where you will find anyting related to China and especially the Chinese Communist party.

As many folks know China has been expanding its presence / influence in the South China Sea and the numerous countries surrounding their heavily traveled trade routs. About the same time, although hardly noticed, China started peddling their influence in the Caribbean and on to the the Bahamas.

A friend of mine, Sandy Estabrook, saw the hand writing on the wall regarding China especially regarding the Bahamas. and more specifically the Abacos where he has been visiting since 1973 when the Bahamas were still British. Today more people know of Abaco since the ravages of Hurricane Dorian in September of 2019. We have included stories here how it started in the Bahamas with the lowly CONCH.

“Hide your strength, bide your time.” —Deng Xiaoping, 1989. What we now face is the contradiction between unbalanced and inadequate development and the people's ever-growing needs for a better life. - Xi Jinpin

The Evil Doing of China 

Trade negotiations with China were regularly in the news until over taken by the Coronovirus. While at the same time both over shadowed China's growth in areas of their scientific endeavor and achievement, much stolen from the US. Some areas are downright hostel and threatening to this country. Let's hope our government is keeping secret our advanced technology and cyber counter efforts, and our intelagence agencys are aware of the technological goings on in China.

Outside of Trump, the only one taking the China treat seriously is Florida Senator Marco Rubio who warned congress about this threat in his speech to congress which we have linked here.


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#   FUSION ENERGY, (Explanation) the be-all and end-all to the worlds energy needs. Its safe and green using Deuterium, easily extracted from seawater. Only one such reactor is being developed by western countries (in France) which is a decade away. But experts say China's "Artificial Sun" will be ready in 2020! THE STORY


#   The BAHAMAS, even before hurricane Dorian, the Chinese were openly infiltrating the Bahamas, acquiring land, building ports and slowly putting the pressure on and influencing the Bahamians, Just 50 miles from Florida. China most recently helped launch development of "Project Sand Dollar", a Bahamian cryptocurrency initiative. It's written about along with other stories on Sandy Estabrooks page on the subject. HERE Remember it all Started with CONCH