The Diabolic and Demonic Democrat Party

By Will Wainwright

It all began back  in the 60’s and 70’s when the hippies attended college. With no future focus, they took abstract courses in fringe Psychology of all varieties, abstract Sociology of heterogeneity, metaphysical feminism and a few even studied fermentation science and English literature. 

Their children became the Millennials, also known as the “easily offended Snowflakes”, grounded in all the aforementioned fuzzy learning, yet often would wind up in a real job, of sorts.  Most would wind up as teachers. Occasionally they would find a job as a journalist or news commentator.

Today this group finds themself comfortably at home in the Democrat party, with the countries far left extreme groups that have found a home there also which include:

Government bureaucrats and elect elected politicians.

Delusional groups who want to remove all history.

Deranged  groups that promote individual sexual choice.

Degenerate groups that promote sexual deviancy.

Dishonest groups that define truth as relative.

Dedicated  environmental extremist.

Here we include the extreme elected democrats who’s constituents are now paying the price for, 

Sponsoring sanctuary cities attracting homeless, criminals and illegal Aliens. 

Spineless Mayors & Governors who choose to let our cities fall into bankruptcy and decay and withholding  police enforcement against the anarchist (rioters, looters and arsonists). 

The Democrats only goal is Tear Down.

All of the aforementioned is part and parcel of an overall plan to destabilize our Government with the addition of other created events such as all the numerous attempts to replace Donald Trump as president. Also counter any executive orders he undertakes with ACLU lawsuits. Why? Simply he is not a politician - not one of them. This was quite obvious during the turn over in his early days in office having to assemble a cabinet and staff from only bureaucrats, most left over from a socialist revolutionary named Obama, who’s promise it was to “Fundamentally Transform the United States of America”. Today his words couldn’t be more evident.

China Gave us the Coronavirus and the Democrats put it to good use.

In addition the Coronavirus, Aka COVID-19.  it is now being shown to being highly exaggerated and will turn out to be no more fatal than the annual flu excluding the patients mitigating illnesses, testing errors and out right manipulation. Simple cures such as Hydroxychloroquine have been under attack since their earliest favorable reports . Doctors and professionals, lots of them, have been banned from Social Media for reporting on its positive results. Why? (Clue)

The only conclusion here is that Big Pharma has a lot invested in vaccine program and so do some powerful folks invested in Big Pharma and Social Media both. (Gates, Fauci).

When fear of Covid-19 wains approaching any semblance of  order, all of a sudden a hot pock arose. Then raise fear and chaos once again by suggesting schools not open, no sports played, no movies dining out etc etc.

Short of war, the best way to attack the US is viral, both CYBER and BIOLOGIC, and throw in a little home front civil unrest with BLM and ANTIFA and Democrats willing to do nothing. And the easiest way to do that is within. No sense naming names but a safe bet is to stay away from all Democrats.

On top of this, Social Media’s big four are tightening up control of political posts, steering inquiries towards their intended response and removing other posts altogether with their goals being;

First and foremost, influence election results indirectly, and/or control them directly.

Secondly, scrutinize for any efforts by patriot groups or individuals and counter with resistance against them.

(So be careful with key words used).

Lastly on a most sickening note. I met a woman who said she will vote for Biden. She lives here in my state after fleeing one of the highest taxed states with bankruptcy pending and now aflame - literally. For decades she's voted for Democrats and their destructive politics and policys with not even a clue. She even has a picture of Obama on her Facebook page. Talk about Deplorable, and she looks like a nice lady too.

Think I'm Kidding?