AG Barr Drives Left Even Crazier,
Intensifying Calls for His Impeachment After Federalist Society Speech

Recently, Attorney General Barr delivered the 19th Annual Barbara K. Olson Memorial Lecture at the Federalist Society’s 2019 National Lawyers Convention in Washington. The Department of Justice has posted the text here.  I have also posted on 4 videos, Barr’s most pertinent points totaling 23 minutes of  his hour long speech .

One can measure the excellence of the speech by the apoplexy it has induced among the lunatic left. They are intoxicated with impeachment mania. Insofar as Barr articulates a true understanding of “the Resistance” and a profound critique of the administrative state, Barr must be destroyed. You might want to read the speech to reflect the true thoughts of a scholar and experience practitioner at the highest levels of government who feels free, and feels compelled, to speak his mind.

The Resistance (3:20)

The Courts Gone Wild (5:53)
The Left Shreading Norms (3:42)

The Most Blatant (7:52)

The Full Speach 63 min"

Attorney General Barr's recent thoughts.

Attorney General William Barr recently spoke at the University of Notre Dame on Our Country's Organized Destruction. It was a frank and compelling speech on todays secularists. It was given at the University's law school, in what this writer would call, "a most credible and irrefutable speech for the decade". The theme was the Assault on religion by militant secularists. He said, "Militant secularists today do not have a 'live and let live' spirit - they are not content to leave religious people alone to practice their faith. Instead, they seem to take a delight in compelling people to violate their conscience." The Freedom FROM Religion Foundation said, "Mr. Barr got it wrong from front to back". Their remark makes his speech more compelling. The Video is here