About NervyHitch.com.

My website contains whatever interest hits me from time to time - politics, science & tech, music and God as related to Quantum Physics. Much is mirrored on my facebook page which in return directs folks here.

I try to see to it that most of what you see of a political nature is timeless no less important today than the original date written and or posted. But there is a lot here other than politics so stop by now and then and explore the links. Most images are linked too although not indicated.

Quantum Mechanics is a favorite of mine and is here too, so are some cool tunes. Any videos of a controversial nature are stored on our server should the disappear from the original sources which does happen. The doodads below, I used to play with back in the day as WB2FZS and W2EXS.      See HAM RADIO 2021.


I be Willoughby,  just call me Will Wainwright.

“NervyHitch”,  later replaced by “WeirdPlants”,  was the radio call sign of the Headquarters Company to which I was attached back in the day. The patch is that of the "Dickey-Bird" our company insignia.

As stated, there is little current News here, mostly lasting opinion about the state of this nation - OpEd's, essays, and articles that will effect our future. All reflect my point of view of course.

This most likely will be my last website, of about sixty over the years. Its coded in simple html. Soon I plan to head out aboard my Island Packet 380 and see the home where the Hermit of Suwarrow (Tom Neale) once lived.

Born 19118 

Lived 11980 

Worked 11973 ⚛

Live Presently 81427

Vacation 34275


Food: Bouillabaisse, Osso Buco

Cities: Paris, Firenze, Funchal, Pape'ete, Reykjavík, Gustavia

For fun: H2O all sorts

Music: all sorts

Favorite Peculiarity: Schrödinger's cat and double slit experiment.

Who can say this? A week after being in Tahiti I was in Iceland.

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Tout à l'heure

PS Bottom: Stuff I played with in Later life

Some meaningful numbers

P = 6.62607004 × 10-34

2 74,207,281 -1 = P