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  The Brave New World of Bill Gates and Big Telecom
Doctors have started to speak up; COVID-9 is an
      exaggeration influenced by politics.

Nobel Prize-Winning Scientist Who Discovered HIV
      Says Coronavirus Was Created In Laboratory

An Invisible Quantum Dot 'Tattoo' Could Be Used to
      ID the Vaccinated

A Georgia Minister lays it all out in exceptional detail.
A Message from Italy.     ♦ The Corbet Report
China had a "Pandemic Out Clause" in the Trade
      Deal with US?

Military's Top Secret plans if coronavirus cripples the

Is Bill Gates is Setting the Stage for the Mark
      of the Beast? A Christian Perspective

Our Constitution was made for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.    -   John Adams


SNOWFLAKES: The University of Montana was in the early stages of addressing complaints about the lack of racial diversity on campus when it decided to hold an essay contest marking the Martin Luther King Jr Day. A writing contest was held to honor MLK and encourage multi-racial dialogue. It went awry. Instead of helping bridge racial divides among students, it amplified them. Millennial snowflakes always on the hunt for a new aggravation, came up with the following sophomoric issue. Enrollment here at the U of M is on the decline, this maybe another reason why. The Laughable Story

Trump's administration has been under constant attack by a collective of leftist legacy news outlets, political actors, and policy-focused front organizations that have created a constant picture of chaos in the U.S. and in the White House. We see the democrats focused in on Trump, with the Mueller / Trump Russia Investigation and the trump FBI investigation amongst others. Trump's exoneration of the aforementioned, by the Mueller report brought investigation round two - The Ukraine. Again seasoned weekly nonsense charges of being anti-semitic, a racist, even blame for Hurricane Dorian and most recently the Coronavirus, plus whatever else the democrats conjure up. Here are two great articles explaining the LEFT, outside of their prime passion, of HATE.

Richard D. Lamm was a Democrat who served as governor of Colorado for twelve years from 1975 to 1987. Approximately fifteen years ago, he gave a speech, on the perils and destructive effects of multiculturalism - as if it was written yesterday. It eventually became viral on line and written about by numerous columnists sadly with no effect with his fellow Democrats. Richard is no longer with us, but is he was, what would he say today? [In remembrance of your grandfathers kind of Democrat]. Intro by Michelle Malkin The Governor's Speech, Text and audio

This writer remembers the days of Polio well, when in 1953 Dr. Jonas Salk announced he has successfully tested a vaccine against poliomyelitis, the virus that causes the crippling disease of polio. That information arrived like a bombshell and in less than a year the first vaccinations were being administered to children effectively curing Polio! That was the era of nylon stockings, during which I remember inquiring of my mother, why didn t they make stockings that didn t run? I received a simple answer. "The companies wouldn t make any money if they did, and even at twice the price. Ah ha, my first lesson in economics at age eleven. Here is a great story by the late Linda Zercoe who said of the Pharmaceutical Industry, "a cure for cancer, say a vaccine, would be the end of their cash flow."

Science is bringing us inescapably closer to our creator,
which can, from that perspective, be used as an aid in the teaching the Bible to todays techo-modern society. I have concluded that you can arrive at God's existence in one or more of three ways. From the very large (galactic scale) to the very small particle scale of the Quantum world and DNA of the biologic world with its coding. And for an explanation of our souls existence, quantum entanglement covers that for me.
This opinion chooses DNA

Remember to tell the Kiddies if vote for communism they will have to shoot their way out.

A MOST POIGNANT ESSAY ON THE ANGST OF TODAY, written by a Democrat in 1965 with a contribution from Cicero in 50 BC! Today, taking advantage of progressive gains, avaricious and corrupt politicians now reject common sence and reign at all branches of government for which most folks are oblivious, senseless to notice or just dont care. For that reason this post will be given a permanent home on this page in the hopes that any first time visitors will take time to read this comprehensive assessment of our country and world. The parallels seen in 1965, despite the cold war, pale to our country's social and moral deterioration from within today. Again, you'll read why, and where we are headed A Must Read or we'd by happy read it to you.

SOMETHING TO REALLY WORRY ABOUT, other than COVID-19. And it will happen most likely before the effects of climate change. It's LOSS of POWER. You may know that Municipalities, industry, and banking are favorite targets of hackers too. What you may not know, the government tells us, there has been plenty of foreign & domestic snooping around power stations and their grid networks. "They've [the hackers] have had access to the button, but they haven't pushed it," said Jonathan Homer, Homeland Security's chief of industrial control systems. Have you even thought about this scenario? Are you saying "I'll deal with it if it happens". That being the case your chances for survival are slim. AND on top of some lowly hacker in Estonia or Brooklyn turning off our power, It can happen in other ways which are far worse and have no way of prevention, seriously dooming humanity. It is Inevitable! THE STORY.

You can win a Pulitzer Prize in 14 categories. However, due to the disintegration of journalistic standards, Investigative, Editorial, Commentary, Cartooning and Feature writing categories will be dropped. Awards and related articles issued in the aforementioned categories will be of no consequence or intrinsic worth as of 2018. Of course that's Fake News. There was a time not so long ago when journalists were trusted and admired. Today they no longer seen as trying to report the news in a fair and straightforward manner. Today, all that has compounded as a result of Trumps win. One exception is Michael Goodwin. His is the Story of the Grand Old Lady, the NYT - once bastion of respectability, is now corrupt and dying.

College is a Very Dangerous Place for a Child- A Doctors Story
"It's the incoming freshmen that cause most of the problems," the upperclassman told me as he walked me to my car. ARTICLE
Dangerous People are Teaching Your Kids- by Jordan Peterson
Educators have substituted indoctrination for education. They support ideologues who claim that all truth is subjective; that all sex differences are socially constructed; and that Western imperialism is the source of all 3rd World problems. VIDEO
Sending your kid to college is like playing Russian Roulette
A Dennis Prager video discussion on FoxNews, plus a video by Tomi Lahren.

The artists work featuring a machine gun is bit of an exaggeration in trying to temper the sinister look of this long gun by including, wine, cheese, fruit and a bouquet of flowers. For a clear and succinct explanation, please listen to the words of Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin responding to a question before a Town Hall Meeting of The American Enterprise Institute which is a public policy think tank" dedicated to defending human dignity, expanding human potential, and building a freer and safer world". THE VIDEO

PURE DEMONIC EVIL ! You can see it in his face. Governor Andrew Cuomo Brags: "It is a good evening this evening. Congratulations, Congratulations, Congratulations! Today is sweet because in a few minutes, I will sign this bill and another N.Y. national precedent will be established - The most aggressive women's equality platform in the nation, is going to be in law in this state." - followed by shrieks and hollers of joy by the women in the audience, now allowing abortion at full term without a doctor needed! What kind of women are these?. The abhorrent story and insidious video of corrupt Andrew Cuomo taking Papa Mario's legacy one step furthure. The Story & Video is here - shrieking women and all. Just months later, setting another national first, Mr. contemptible Cuomo banned declawing of cats saying, "By banning this archaic practice, we will ensure that animals are no longer subjected to these inhumane and unnecessary procedures." HYPOCRISY PLUS!

Carol Swain professor of political science and law at Vanderbilt University reveals the relevant facts of the party s origin and where thay are today. Professor Swian's short presentation, is factually correct, but sadly isn t taught today as a result of the over whelming number of progressive democrat teachers and professors in our schools and universities. In their resulting control of the syllabus and text books, little can be found on this pertinent history.

Jordan Peterson one of Todays most brilliant conservatives, explains the The fatal flaw in leftist American politics. A recent exposé by Project Veritas, reveals how Google intentionally suppresses his content along with Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro, labeling them as "Nazis." Jordan is a favorite of mine in the class of William F. Buckley in kicking ass in any liberal debate.

Doobie Brothers & Michael McDonald with Jennifer Nettles, Lady Antebellum and Hunter Hayes

A Letter to the Editor in a Florida newspaper from a gutsy 80 year old.

JLH, Englewood

Let the elderly take their chances with COVID-19
Having turned 80 this past February, I am one in the
“vulnerable” category for whom the entire world has
shut down, bringing economic disaster, chronic anxiety,
isolation and stark fear to a quarantined population at
the mercy of “gloom and doom” TV.

Please! Do not do me any more “favors”! At 80, I know
the countdown is happening, regardless of the pandemic.
In case you had not noticed, we tend to die anyway. The
world has always worked this way.

Being relatively healthy, I still enjoy and need all my
outside diversions. I do not want even a minute wasted,
deprived of the things that make life rewarding and beautiful.

Obviously, others in my age group may feel differently,
but I know many who agree that quality of life is especially
important when we are at the point of knowing we must
make the most of every hour of every day.

The vast majority who will fall ill from this virus will
recover. Not fun to be sick, but a given at any age.

Just let me take my chances. That is what a full, wonderful
life is all about, the choice to take calculated risks. I ask that
my opportunities not be diminished by those who would
shut me away from everything that makes life worth living.

You might want to explain this to a snowflake

Why are Jews liberal?
The question is entirely legitimate since Jews (outside of Israel) are indeed overwhelmingly progressive and disproportionately left of liberal as well. For example, other than blacks, no American group votes so lopsidedly for the Democratic Party. For instance the main players in the Trump Impeach-ment are Jews - Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Bluminthal. The question is further sharpened given that tradition-al Jewish values are not leftist. That is why the more religiously involved the Jew, the less likely he is to be on the Left. No one can better explain it than our friend, Dennis Prager

MITT ROMNEY, THE DEEP STATE & THE ONGOING COUP AGAINST POTUS. Recently, a friend sent me an incredible opinion piece from Howell Woltz at The Inter-national Centre for Justice, in Warsaw, Poland. Occasionally, an opinion piece is so profound that it simply MUST be disseminated to a much wider audience than a simple blog post.
This is one such article.

Who is Q? What is Q? Perhaps most importantly, Why is Q? I'm not sure about him or her. Still, click for an explanation.





by Christopher G. Adamo

Many Americans are expressing their dismay and horror at how easily the majority of the population was able to be morphed from the “Land of the Free” into a herd of frightened, submissive sheep, seemingly in only a matter of weeks. However, that really is not the case.

The disturbingly compliant attitude we are now witnessing has been systematically instilled in the American psyche throughout the past several decades. On too many fronts, leftist Democrats have been encroaching on every fundamental moral principle and legal premise by which American life was once great, and real liberty abounded. The Pavlovian reaction to all of the leftist Democrat fear mongering and authoritarian excesses of the past few months is not a matter of belief or conviction, but of conditioning.

So it was really no surprise that, the moment these drastic pandemic over-reaches could claim to be justified, on the basis that they were being done in the interests of “public health,” the response of too many people was to roll over and accept their lot as a subjugated peasantry. Perhaps patience and flexibility might have seemed appropriate early on. But it has since become grimly obvious that none of the iron-fisted behavior of governing officials has been about keeping people safe and healthy.

Consider the atrocious, and even criminal pattern that has since emerged. New York’s leftist Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo forced nursing homes to take in Covid positive patients, vastly spreading the disease among the most vulnerable, and contributing to an enormous spike in deaths. Meanwhile, he prohibited and restricted the use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), a treatment which showed enormous promise in treating patients and saving lives.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, another Democrat (of course), has aggressively choked the lifeblood out of the Michigan economy, with excessive restrictions that are unrelated to any positive curtailment of the virus. In Kentucky, Virginia, and elsewhere, Churches were singled out as “non-essential” and thus shut down while abortion clinics deemed “essential” continued to slaughter the unborn. And all of these abominable acts have been committed under the most shameless and transparent banner of phony of government “benevolence.”

Perhaps the most egregious and telling single episode occurred in Dallas Texas, where hair salon owner Shelly Luther was cited for opening her business in defiance of the shut down order. Appearing before Judge Eric Moye (another Democrat), Luther was informed by him that she faced a $7000 fine and a week in jail for her action, but that he would waive the penalties if she would publicly “apologize and admit that she was wrong.”

Moye’s atrocious demand is textbook Alinsky, and as such it unmasks the real onslaught against America being perpetrated by the left. Moye’s goal was to publicly shame and humiliate Luther, thereafter holding her up as an example to others who might be so outlandish as to assert their rights as free Americans. This is how leftists have succeeded against us for too many years.

Thankfully, Moye’s plan, likely hatched at some “higher” level of the leftist “establishment,” totally backfired. Luther mustered the courage and fortitude for which our nation has been known and, in blatant defiance of the “judge,” flatly refused to close down or offer any apology. Instead, she asserted her duty as a mother and business owner to take care of her family and employees. Soon thereafter, Texas Governor Greg Abbott rescued her from incarceration and by executive order, lifted the ban on hair salons. It is clear from these abhorrent events that Americans are in the midst of a real war, declared on them by power hungry Democrat politicians, with the virus merely serving as an excuse. And while this situation is truly frightening in its ramifications, it also presents a golden opportunity for conservative America, but only if conservative Republicans will seize the moment and go on the attack. They must highlight the two starkly differing realities of life in America that lay before us, and who is responsible for them. The contrast could not be more obvious.

Too many Americans, and particularly those millennials who have been indoctrinated by government schools, have accepted the lies of “socialist utopia,” in which life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are forfeited. In their place is offered meager subsistence, along with the empty promise of supposed “security.” The last two months, with all of the arbitrary and ineffectual edicts, lockdowns, shortages, and ideological bludgeoning, are a grim sampling of life under the oppressive fist of socialism. And things will only get worse, the longer such abuses are allowed to continue unchecked.

Diligently reminding the American people that this would be their future if leftist Democrats ever get their way, is perhaps the best means of resuscitating the country, and seeing to it that this is never again allowed to happen in the United States of America.


    "Because the DEMOCRAT PARTY is DIABOLIC, they attract the deranged and delusional, the deceitful, degenerate, depraved, deviant, and dishonest people? Even the debased, debauched, demonic find a home there. Think about all the wackos, misfit's and perverted in their midst. Then there are the aberrant, abnormal, anomalous, bizarre, fraudulent, and just plain corrupt. Yup, they all reside there. -WW

EMOTIONLESS AND STONE-FACED. This mega-size photo was taken at President Trumps Inauguration on that rainy day. By CLICKING HERE (and following directions) you can zoom in on the individual faces of ALL in attendance! A lot closer than you see here. You will see senators and congress-men, Supreme Court Judges, Brass in the Military, FBI, CIA and NSA folks if you know them. You'll see White House staff and all sorts of agency people. There are even some that we would call, the shady looking characters of the "Deep State". See if you can spot them. A surprising thank you to CNN for keeping this webpage available for over 3 years now.

The Democratic Party is going hard left. It is no longer the party of your grandfather. There will be stops and starts but it's their general trajectory and will be for the foreseeable future. None of this feels like a passing phase. It feels like the outline of a great political struggle that will be fought over the next 10 years or more. We need a cleaned-up capitalism, not a weary, sighing, acceptance-of-man's-fallen-nature capitalism. Republicans and conservatives need a more capacious sense of what is needed in America now. Peggy Noonan thinks so.

No Matter Who Wins in 2020, The right will never accept socialism, while the left will accept nothing less. There Will violence & lawlessness. The machinations of an illiberal left, on display in its ever-increasing violence accompanied by the ululations of a propagandist media in contravention of an imaginary "white supremacist" right, have driven the nation into diametrically opposed camps. Will there be Blood?

The Decline of Our Country, The First Decade.
A seemingly inconsequential event took place March 13, 1963, and with the help from with the ACLU, our country began its slide into discord, division and indifference. It was then there was a regrouping of the hard core democrats - hard working union folks only now with a liberal coalition of feminists, free loaders, progressives, homosexuals, blacks, atheists, and communists which forms their bedrock to this day. The Story

The Transgender War on Women. The Equality Act sacrifices female safety in restrooms, locker rooms and even domestic-violence shelters. It allows trans men to compete with women in athletic events. As a biological matter, most women are physically outmatched by men, though we're better able to tolerate pain and tend to live longer. Story & Videos

Mysterious Stonehenge - Like Monument has a Post-Apocalyptic Message and it is located in Georgia.

Sen. Tom Allen Colburn, (3/28/20)

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